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Samsonite luggage When Jesse Shwayder founded Samsonite® in 1910, travel was once reserved for only an exclusive few, those who had the means to see the world. Given this exclusivity, travel was a high quality experience from the transportation, to the attention to service, to even the accessories used to carry one’s belongings. As one of the original brands in travel, Samsonite has continued to leverage its craftsmanship and heritage as an innovator for the past 100 years, to create stylish and high quality solutions for the world traveller. Today, Samsonite continues to lead the luggage category with the same core principles, further expanding Shwayder’s vision globally with design and innovation into product categories and consumer targets. Samsonite Milestones 1910 The Shwayder Brothers, the company’s original founders, manufacture robust wooden trunks. 1941 Streamlite was an innovative luggage line made by covering a wooden frame with vulcanised fibre with rawhide effect (to give it a leather look). 1962 The Classic Attaché was the first magnesium reinforced ABS-document case for business people. 1974 The first Samsonite suitcase on wheels. 1986 Oyster, the first suitcase with a three-point lock system. 1989 The first suitcase with a piggyback system. 1993 The first Handy Case, a new concept for feminine luggage. 1997 The first Big Wheel upright case which makes it easier to climb stairs. 2000 The first Samsonite aluminium produc


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